Download Information

Download information:

Downloading the ebook

Downloading simply means to view and/or save the book on your computer. After purchase of any and all ebooks, you will be taken immediately to a web page where you will receive instructions on a link that you click on to receive your product.

If you close out that window before you see the download, or if your computer blocks the link, you can download your ebook at any time from your order history in your customer account.

All ebooks are sent in zipped files. 

What are Zip files?

Zip files (.zip or .zipx) are single files, sometimes called "archives", that contain one or more compressed files. Zip files make it easy to keep related files together and make transporting, e-mailing, downloading and storing data and software faster and more efficient. The Zip format is the most popular compression format used in the Windows environment, and WinZip is the most popular compression utility.

How do I open a Zip file?

You can download a free trial program called Winzip from  After you have installed WinZip, you can open a Zip file by double clicking it in your saved location or Explorer window or by starting WinZip and choosing "Unzip or install from an existing Zip file" in the WinZip Wizard. (If the WinZip Wizard does not open by default when you start WinZip, just click the Wizard button in the toolbar). The WinZip Wizard will guide you through the process of unzipping your file.

Saving the ebook

You can save the ebook by clicking "Save" after the book is open. Click "Save As" and then you can choose where to save it on your computer. I recommend creating a folder for you ebooks so you'll have no problem finding the file later.

Problems downloading the ebook or audios

If nothing shows up when you try to download your e-book then try these steps below.

1. Make sure you update your adobe acrobat reader. This will solve 90% of the problems with opening the files. There are instructions in the next section below on how to update..

2. Try right clicking the link to the file and select "Save As" and save it to your computer. Then open the file from your computer.

3. Shut down your computer and restart.

This will solve virtually all problems with getting an ebook to show up on your computer.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Before you get Adobe Acrobat Reader, try to open the book first. You probably already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.

You may need to update to the current version of Adobe. The older versions of Adobe Reader may be very slow or may not work.

If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or if you need to update the version on your computer) you can download the FREE Reader by going here (
It is free and will not harm your computer.

You can also click on the help menu once you have adobe open, there is then a button to check for updates.

Printing the e-books

You are entitled to print your one copy of the book.

Printing problems

If you are having trouble printing then make sure you update your adobe acrobat reader. Follow the instructions in the section above.

If the book does not print properly or if you see mishmash of letters and numbers, this means that your computer has opened the ebook with the wrong program. Sometimes people try to open an ebook with Microsoft Word. All ebooks must be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free program.

I lost the link to my e-book

By creating an account on the No Bow... No Go website you'll have access to all of your ebook purchases.  Each ebook purchased has 5 free downloads that are available for an unlimited amount of time.  If you ever lose your ebook or your computer crashes, simply log into your account and download a new copy.

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